The familiar, the fabulous, and the unusual — Food at this year’s San Diego County Fair unique, as expected

Debbie Ramsey

Staff Writer


The array of unique food items offered each year at the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar can be many things – enticing, interesting, and in some cases, even shocking to the average consumer. But one thing it always is – is worthy of conversation.

County fairs and carnivals have long had the reputation for offering certain treats – perhaps some of the most popular being cotton candy, corndogs, and funnel cakes.

For many, it’s the time they indulge in fascinating foods that are best consumed sparingly – since many are fried, extra sweet, and high in fat. However, as time marches on, vendors are introducing healthier, fresh fare in an effort to appeal to all types of consumers. It’s easy to say a fair wouldn’t be as entertaining without the fabulous scents that fill the air from the colorful booths.

According to staffers in Del Mar, this year the public won’t be disappointed as even more new choices will be presented at “The Fab Fair,” taking place June 7 through July 6. But don’t worry, the year-after-year favorites will be plentiful as well.


Triple Decker Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger

Looking for a sweet and high-protein lunch? The Triple Decker Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger features three hamburger patties and three slices of cheese between two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. It’s hard to imagine how that all stays together when eating it, but undoubtedly there will be many to accept the challenge. It can be found at Chicken Charlie’s on the concourse.


Cauliflower Sandwich

In the Plaza de Mexico at Grinders, this sandwich will be worth taking a look for many veggie lovers. It starts with a toasted bread roll spread with aioli and drizzled with honey. In that they place a thick, baked slice of cauliflower, melted cheese, and very thin slices of apple. Interesting use of a vegetable at the Fair!


Lobster Fried Rice

Asian food lovers are bound to be lined up outside the Lobster Shack in the infield (Family Funville) at the Fair for its Lobster Fried Rice. Expect this tasty dish to be a successful mingling of ingredients that is easy for all ages in the family to enjoy.   


Smoked Jack Daniels Bacon-Wrapped Churro

If it’s Fair time, it means something new is being wrapped in bacon! In this case, they begin by infusing a churro with Jack Daniels whiskey. Then they wrap it with a slice of smoked bacon. Aptly named, it can be found at the Bacon-A-Fair booth, and it isn’t the only new item this year! They also have a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Banana, and a Bacon Wrapped Zucchini.  


Cowboy Sunday – or – Banana Foster Pie

At the Fruit Caboose vendor stand, interesting desserts await fair-goers.

The Cowboy Sundae is housed in a crispy waffle cone shaped like a cowboy hat! The inside is filled with ice cream and the whole treat is topped with “cowboy candles,” such as candied chiles.

Banana Foster Pie is built on a waffle crust. Ice cream or frozen yogurt is then stacked on top. Sliced bananas compose the next layer along with sinful caramel sauce and sweet whipped cream.

For those who like to admire strategic layering, the Black and White Sundae is an artistic creation of alternating segments of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and fluffy marshmallows.


To read more about this year’s Fair – food, attractions, exhibits, entertainment, and more, visit



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