Wake up with a delicious Aquaterra breakfast at Pala Mesa Resort!

Nathalie Taylor

Special to the Valley News

Sometimes simple is the best; and Executive Chef Sean Sullivan at Pala Mesa’s Aquaterra restaurant tells us that their Hollandaise Sauce is made with only three ingredients – lemon juice, butter and eggs. However, a great deal of training and plenty of practice goes into learning how to make this simple sauce.  

Chef Sean explains that in culinary school creating Hollandaise was “so hard to learn, but it’s a simple process once you have learned it – there are very few places that make Hollandaise from scratch anymore.” He continued, “One of the things that we do better here than most resorts, is make 95 percent of everything from scratch.”  

A secret to Chef Sean’s stellar sauce is first whisking it over heat, then testing it. “If it doesn’t drip off my finger it is perfect.”

Aquaterra’s Hollandaise Sauce is simple, classic and it works. To those who are on the hunt for a perfect Hollandaise sauce – try their version that crowns the “Classic Eggs Benedict.”  It’s just the right consistency – fluffy and airy – and it’s a generous serving.  


What lies just below the Hollandaise sauce is Canadian bacon and poached eggs over toasted English muffins. Tender “Smashed Browns” and fruit complement the dish. Two words:  Delicious. Fresh.

Interested in a hearty breakfast for only ten dollars?  Aquaterra’s “Huevos Rancheros” is served on a large warmed plate; and it fills that plate to all sides. The food doesn’t spill over, but that is due to some strategic positioning by the chef.

This exciting hot dish starts with a corn tortilla, but it is difficult to locate, due to the mound of food on top. Chunky salsa gives a brisk edge to the mellower concoction of cheddar cheese, refried beans, eggs, sour cream and shredded lettuce. Fresh avocado tops the many layers to create a fiesta of flavors.

The “Huevos Rancheros” has just the right amount of peppered heat – no need for adding Tabasco, unless you like it fiery. Leave the salt and pepper on the table, because you won’t need to embellish this dish. Chef Sean definitely knows how to wield his salt.   

However, Chef Sean doesn’t do all of the salting or the cooking, no, in his nine years at Aquaterra he has had the pleasure of training, and working with, a talented team of cooks – each with their own specialties.  

Aquaterra offers about fifteen different breakfast choices; and for those who want a lighter breakfast, the menu lists a fresh fruit plate, Irish oatmeal, and granola.

Enjoy breakfast in the dining room with a wall of windows stretching from ceiling to floor. The linen-draped tables are far enough apart that you can’t eavesdrop on your neighbors. But, it’s also a lot of fun to watch the golfers take their swings on the fairway. Relax, enjoy your breakfast, and let the accommodating wait staff pamper you in the hushed, elegant atmosphere of Aquaterra.

Pala Mesa Resort is located at 2001 Old Highway 395 in Fallbrook. For reservations and current hours, contact Aquaterra at (760) 731-6805.




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