Sultan Bakery and Grill

Michelle Mears-Gerst

Special to the Valley News
The western town of Murrieta now offers its residents delicious Lebanese dishes with flavors dating back thousands of years at Sultan Bakery and Grill.  
Sultan serves Lebanese meals and desserts, which has an ancient history and is part of the Levantine cuisine, which includes fares from other lands like Egypt, Palestine and Syria.
Upon entering the café, you are wrapped in the aroma of stone fired flatbreads, Mediterranean spices and music. 
The menu is simple with just enough of a selection to cater to an array of palates but not to overwhelm their guests with an over-abundance of choices. The staple of Sultan is their flatbreads made to order in a stone-fired grill. They also use a second grill reserved only for meats. Conventional ovens are not part of Sultan’s kitchen. 
Antoine Dahdah was born in Lebanon and raised his five children in the United States.  The family man turned restaurant owner wanted to share his beloved family recipes from his homeland. 
“I did a lot of research before we chose Murrieta. Our location is close to the 215/15 interchange, and we are the only Lebanese bakery from Anaheim to San Diego,” said Dahdah. 
If you are new to Lebanese cuisine and want to play it safe for your senses, start with the Chicken and Cheese Flatbread, which looks like a mini white pizza with cheese. 
As you become more familiar with the staple spices of cumin, garlic, oregano, and mint try incorporating new flatbreads like Zaatar to your orders.
Zaatar is a fresh stone fire flatbread topped with finely ground beef, thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, olive oil and other spices. If you are in the mood to add more flavors, order the Sfeeha with fine ground beef, tomatoes, onions, pine nuts, yogurt and pomegranate syrup. 
“The Sfeeha is a little sour and lemony at the same time,” said Dahdah.
The prices at Sultan are very competitive. The flatbreads are ten inches in size starting at $1.99, the Zaatar up to $4.99 for the chicken and cheese. Dahdah said do not be surprised if you cannot finish the meal in one sitting. 
Dahdah said he wants the community to know it is possible to have a healthy filling lunch made fresh for under $5, including a drink. 
The Chicken Kabob is a popular dinner entrée at an amazing price of $7.99. The Chicken Kabob comes with a salad, rice, humus, a fresh bread and a half pound of tender, juicy marinated chicken grilled in a stone fired oven. 
Sultan also makes fresh daily hummus and tabbouli. Dahdah claims these side dishes are the best in town and according to the Yelp reviews, customers agree, giving the new café five stars. 
If you are still hungry after dinner or lunch try the Baklava or order a dozen to take home and have later. 
Sultan Bakery and Grill is located at 25285 Madison Avenue, Suite 106 in Murrieta. For more information, call (949) 354-9110

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