Fatburger — Premium Burgers Served That Are Easy on the Wallet

Written by Michelle Mears-Gerst

A Los Angeles landmark restaurant has made its way to Temecula. For more than half a century Fatburger has been cooking to order fresh lean beef, not frozen patties.

Fatburger first opened its doors in 1952 by Lovie Yancey in Los Angeles. Yancey’s beef patties were so large and juicy that the only fitting name for her business was Fatburger.

The desire to use only the freshest ingredients to make quality food is what prompted Ray and Nargi Malik to bring Fatburger to Temecula.

“I like the service industry and I believe in the brand which is about premium quality food at a lesser price,” said Ray.

Not only are the burgers made to order, but also the onion rings are made from real onions. Guests can order hand-scooped, real ice cream shakes or sit down to a warm bowl of tasty chili. The fries are cooked in 100 percent cholesterol-free oil served to you by a friendly staff member.

Fatburger is not a fast food chain. Ray describes it as casual dining.

“We customize your meal to order. You can request a burger to be made medium or well done, with our without mayo, pickles, etc.,” said Ray. “Once guests order they can sit down and one of our servers will bring the meal to them.”

Customer’s reviews across the board from Yelp to Eopinions to individual bloggers have all raved about the quality and taste of the food. Reviews are consistently five out of five stars. No one is claiming Fatburger is a health food restaurant but if you are going to have burgers and fries, Fatburger tries to use the best ingredients and seasonings possible.

The average wait time for a meal cooked to order is seven to nine minutes. While waiting for their meal, guests can relax at a table while listening to some of Yancey’s favorite music like rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, hip-hop, and classic soul.

“The atmosphere at Fatburger is lively and you can’t help but be in a good mood,” said Ray.

Fatburger in Temecula is located at 40573 Margarita Rd., Ste. D. For more information, call (951) 296-6340.


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