My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant offers culture, cuisine, and celebration

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant was founded in 2001 by two Greek gentlemen who were born in Greece and migrated to the United States with their families. Each gentleman lived in different parts of the islands where each island has its own culture and food that the founders grew to know and love.


When the childhood friends reunited in Arizona as adults, they decided to combine their individual experiences from each island into one very eclectic and cultural Greek experience.   They took the old and the new and blended them together to create a sophisticated Greek menu that all cultures could appreciate and enjoy.  In order to execute this experience, the two partners had to bring chefs from Greece and blend them with the culinary talents of chefs from American culinary schools.

1016816_631789736845374_756425181_nExperience some of the amazing menu items including one of the most unexpected things you would find in a Greek restaurant – pizza! Most people are used to going to a pizzeria to find the best Greek pizza. Instead, visit My Big Fat Greek to experience a Greek pizza spiced with real, authentic Greek flavors that you will not find in any other pizzeria.

Also experience Greek hamburgers with fresh, Greek ingredients with the delicious taste of ground beef and gyro meat together in one burger! Try fresh grilled whole fish, finished in the oven, presented and de-boned at your table for your enjoyment. These are just a few of the mouthwatering options on the menu.

Most diners are used to Greek restaurants having the blue and white décor to represent the color of Greece, but the owners of My Big Fat Greek took it a step further and created an ambiance that makes you feel as if you are in the City of Athens.

The restaurant features artwork of the beautiful islands of Greece and is accented with warm, inviting colors of gold and bronze along with beautiful, blue LED lighting etched into glass fixtures.

Two covered patios, on each side of the restaurant, lit with beautiful LED lights, are open to diners. One gives more of a dining room experience with different elegant woods, canvas coverings, stone floors, and misters, and the other patio is more of a lounge atmosphere with built-in cushioned bench seating, stone tables, stone floors, and custom built trellises, once again demonstrating the blue lit-up glass and European lighting.

The lounge patio offers the greatest ambiance for live entertainment. On Thursday nights, jazz music is featured. Enjoy a nice dinner accompanied with a cocktail or refreshing glass of wine from one of the many featured local wineries while listening to the smooth sounds of jazz musicians.

Visit the restaurant on Friday and Saturday nights to hear some beautiful Greek melodies performed by authentic Greek musicians. Lastly, visit on Sunday and Monday nights for football MC’ed by famous local DJs, accompanied by hourly raffles and prizes.

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My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
26460 Ynez Road, Temecula, CA-92591, Phone: (951) 296-2157
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