Light meals perfect for summer dining

FALLBROOK – When the weather is warm, people venturing out to eat have an opportunity to expand their culinary horizons and consider fresh, light meals offered at local restaurants.
Although warm weather may bring to mind backyard barbecues, there is much more to seasonal dining than heavy meats. Looking for fresh, seasonal choices on menus can be not only tantalizing, but set well on the stomach.
When the temperature climbs, few people want to fill their stomachs with heavy, hot foods. Instead of thinking about soups that are overly-filling and heavy with meat, many chefs offer delightful chilled soups in the summer.

Nathalie Taylor photos

Nathalie Taylor photos

Café des Artistes’ owner Michael Calvanese is a genius in the variety of freshly prepared soups he offers. With both hot and cold selections throughout the week, the café is an excellent choice for seasonal dining.
Salads of all varieties make for great summer dining.
Local menus feature a bevy of choices that are topped with grilled chicken or fish, and more. Many of the compositions include fresh berries, grapes, and/or raisins to lend both flavor and texture to the dish.
While cream-based dressings like ranch, blue cheese, and thousand island are popular in the American culture, to lighten up on the calorie count, try a restaurant’s vinaigrette choices which can add both sweet and tart flavors to a salad.
More and more restaurants are offering vegetarian entrees including in sandwiches. Look for selections that feature Portobello mushrooms in sandwiches as well as other grilled vegetables.
Warm-weather dining can be perfect for exploring different flavor options and reducing calorie consumption.


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